In Yer Ear
What does it take to get discovered in the world of entertainment? Over the past few years, a popular program has swept across the globe which first debuted in the US. In the summer of 2006, America’s Got Talent hit the airwaves. It has since become the stage for anyone who thinks they have what it takes to compete for a million-dollar prize and stardom.

As of this year, there are programs in the United Kingdom, Asia and several European countries. They all celebrate their cultures and masses of talented individuals. As a part of the Got Talent global franchise, which has sprung from a single reality show, thousands of people have been discovered who have genuine talent.

In Yer Ear is about those artists who have come to fame in obscure ways. The musicians and singers who have hidden in clubs, or on the portable stages of local festivals, or in the church music program and ended up finding their avenue to notoriety.

Of course, America’s Got Talent or any of the other franchises are not the only way an artist can get noticed. It takes perseverance, a willingness to take chances, and a strong belief in yourself and your talent. It’s not an overnight road to stardom. So how do new artists get their big breaks? The reality TV shows are one way, and are rightfully a very big player in the journey, but is that the only way?

We used to hear stories how a famous person was discovered while clerking from behind the counter at the local drug store or singing in the church choir on Sunday morning. Are those days of serendipity gone?

At In Yer Ear we follow some of the best-known performers from where they came to where they went. We look at some iconic singers and musicians as well as other performers within the entertainment industry. We talk about those captains of change who sculpted the careers of some of the best-known talent in the industry. At some point, many of the most famous names were just like every other artist, hoping to catch the attention of the Simon Cowells or Berry Gordys of the world.

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