Brain Studies

Hemi-Sync In Yer Ear


This past weekend I was re-introduced to another type of listening. In Yer Ear has always been about the tunes, poets, producers and artists that make up the music industry. Over the years we have come to realize that it’s not a simple deal, that to make audible entertainment is a layering process that involves dozens – perhaps millions of creators. Millions, because the industry depends on the audiences’ feedback.

We first have to understand that we don’t listen with just our ears. Even kicked back in the cushy seat of a Hamilton limo bus with our headset feeding us whatever audio we desire, is often taken for granted. Most everyday consumers aren’t dissecting and analyzing – we think we are just listening. We leave the details up to the professionals who put it all together for our pleasure. We know what we like and at the tap of an icon we get it.

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