6 Things to Consider if You Want to be a Pop Star

Walking into the auditorium of my old alma Marta with my buddy and Senior High School drama teacher, I couldn’t help but ask; “How many of these kids think they’ve got what it takes to become the next Taylor Swift or Justin Bieber?

It was audition day and the line for tryouts was about 15 deep for the lead singer in the upcoming production of West Side Story. Her answer made me smile at the optimistic outlook that comes with youth. “Oh, easily half – if not more” was her response.

taylor-swiftMy friend was quite honest and even blunt in her assessments as each kid came center stage to belt out their chosen tune meant to impress. With overhead cranes working just outside the window on the new gymnasium being built, every audition presented the challenges of distraction and noise, but that didn’t seem to matter to any of the enthusiastic young vocalists.

What advice would you give to a teenager filled with future dreams that hold a Grammy and a trip down the red carpet? It’s a delicate balance between realism, idealism and discouragement.

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